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Bowlin' Go FRVR

Bowlin' Go FRVR is a bowling game that is relatively simple - you just keep throwing your ball to drop those bowling pins. Each pin you drop becomes a point added to your total score, but the moment your ball hits nothing, then it's game over. You can also gain coins and bonuses if one of them pops up in the playing field - just hit them with your ball to gain their effect. Just make sure to have pins to hit before aiming though so you don't waste the throw.

How many pins can you hit with your bowling ball before you get a gutter ball or hit nothing? Find out in Bowlin' Go FRVR!


Bowlin' Go FRVR was made by Chris Benjaminsen.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Tap/click and drag forward to throw the ball in the direction. You can also curve the ball by curving your drag direction.

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